We grow trade

We have built our success upon our clients’ success. TFS aims to be there during the growth of its clients, supporting their continuously expanding need for export sales growth and management of export credit risk and financing. We meet these needs through internal resources and extensive cooperation with financial institutions and credit insurance companies based on:


  • Structuring win-win transactions by aligning the interests of both sellers and buyers
  • Immediate cash availability to fund export transactions
  • Extensive credit and risk management

Flexible funding to help you grow

Each time you raise an invoice to TFS we disburse to you a high percentage of its value within 24 hours of the goods despatch date. We will then disburse the balance to you once the buyer has paid TFS. Our fees are agreed upfront; these are transparent and very competitive.

Credit protection

TFS reinsures the credit risk of every trade and shares the benefits with you. In the event of a buyer becoming insolvent, TFS is protected and therefore TFS can protect you by paying your invoices upfront.

Industry-focused business origination

TFS is present at your side in the frontline of business origination, primarily on the buy side. This makes TFS a supply-chain management company involved in:

  • Selected food specialities
  • Pulp and paper products
  • Oils & fats and renewable fuels
  • Speciality chemicals

TFS introduces working capital and ensures that transactions are financially secure and processed smoothly.

Spend less time chasing payments and more time chasing new business

TFS can save its clients valuable management time. We manage your credit control function, where our experienced team will:

  • Maintain administrative contact with buyers
  • Manage the credit exposure
  • Chase and collect outstanding invoice payments
  • Compile professional and detailed accounts for your transactions.

TFS always balances the sensitivity of dealing with buyers and the need to collect invoice payments quickly and efficiently.


We understand international trade and provide support to clients across key areas including product liability and transport insurance, Incoterms, logistics, import licences, customs compliance, and duties. Our clients rely on TFS for those transactions where Documents Against Payment (DAP) may be deemed necessary.


Acting for SME food producers, TFS assists in shifting the balance of power from large buyer in favour of smaller producers. Private label contracts, for instance, are negotiated with a sense of fairness to both parties and with suppliers enjoying prompt payments from TFS