Trade Support

Supporting business is our business

trade-support-2We have built our success upon our clients’ success. TFS aims to be there during the growth of its clients, supporting their continuously expanding need for the management of export risk and financing. We meet this need through extensive cooperation with financial institutions and credit insurance companies based on:

  • Customized financial tools
  • International cooperation
  • Extensive credit and risk management

Industry-focused business origination

TFS is present at your side in the frontline of business origination, primarily on the buy side. This makes TFS a supply-chain management company involved in:trade-support-3

  • Pulp and Paper
  • Oils & fats and renewable fuels
  • Selected foodstuffs
  • Chemicals and plastics
  • Logistics
  • Structured financial solutions

TFS Trade Support Services works closely with TFS Export Finance to fund working capital requirements and to ensure that transactions are financially secure and processed smoothly.

Structured solutions

trade-support-1We measure our success by the ability to make transactions risk-free. We examine each business transaction individually in order to determine which financing tools are the most appropriate. Our focus is to source the most effective, cost-efficient funding for our clients’ working capital requirements. Thereafter we introduce liquidity into a transaction, secured on stocks and receivables.

Expert Support and Advice

As a Europe-wide service provider, we understand international trade and provide support across a number of key areas including logistics, import licences, customs compliance, VAT, and duties.

  • TFS supported Petrocart in markets where covering the credit risk seemed impossible.
    Adrian Vais, Managing Director – Petrocart (paper producer, Romania)
  • With TFS we have recovered our money after one buyer refused to pay.
    Attilio Ceccarelli, Finance Director - Industria Cartaria Fenili SpA (paper producer, Italy)
  • TFS is instrumental in opening doors with paper buyers and theirs fees are competitive.
    Maurizio Fucelli, Owner – Pro Line snc (paper sale agency, Italy)
  • A valuable outsourcing and working capital finance service.
    Augusto Parodi, Chief Executive – A&A Flli Parodi (oleo-chemicals producer, Italy and France)
  • Important partners in financing our business
    Lefteris Chatzieleftheriou , Production and supply Manager – Paper Heart Group SA (paper products producer, Greece)

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