Clients’ Profile

All our clients, without exception, are reputable producers of quality products. A perfect transaction commences with our clients supplying good quality products on time and in full. Products must be of the required quality in order to ensure that the buyers pay our invoices when due. TFS seeks and nurtures long-term trusting relationships with its clients, based on cost transparency and operational excellence on both sides.

Becoming a TFS Client


TFS is a privately owned company and thus not subjected to the pressure of investors to achieve specific growth targets by quickly adding new clients. We are risk-averse and therefore we can only realistically aim to develop our business slowly by selecting our clients carefully. We visit all our clients, ensure that their product facilities are fit for the required purposes, and verify their certifications and credentials. Only then are we in a position to commence supporting trade propositions, step by step. The typical client intends to export over EUR 1m per annum through TFS, with an average invoice value of EUR 30,000.

  • TFS supported Petrocart in markets where covering the credit risk seemed impossible.
    Adrian Vais, Managing Director – Petrocart (paper producer, Romania)
  • With TFS we have recovered our money after one buyer refused to pay.
    Attilio Ceccarelli, Finance Director - Industria Cartaria Fenili SpA (paper producer, Italy)
  • TFS is instrumental in opening doors with paper buyers and theirs fees are competitive.
    Maurizio Fucelli, Owner – Pro Line snc (paper sale agency, Italy)
  • A valuable outsourcing and working capital finance service.
    Augusto Parodi, Chief Executive – A&A Flli Parodi (oleo-chemicals producer, Italy and France)
  • Important partners in financing our business
    Lefteris Chatzieleftheriou , Production and supply Manager – Paper Heart Group SA (paper products producer, Greece)

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